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AGL Tiles India’s very first tile production company offers elegant design selections. Find the great mosaic tiles for the bathroom feature wall or kitchen backsplash or find the perfect all-natural stone or slate tiles to your tasteful modern living room. Glass tiles are mostly imported from Italy and Spain and cost Rs 1,500 to Rs 2000 per sq ft. Some popular tile brands include Kajaria, Orient, Somany, Nitco, Keraben, Crystal, Johnson, Marbito, RAK Ceramics, Kohinoor, Sonata, Regent, Asian, Bajaj and Euro. If using to your floor, opt for smaller tiles (with matte finish) so that the grout lines behave as grooves and provide a slip-resistant texture.

The feature wall above, together with neutral colors of the room, makes a cocktail of texture and visual appeal, leaving behind a lasting impact. Seal the tile and grout on installation to protect it from water- and oil-based stainsn Dust and wash floor tiles often, particularly the ones outdoors, because they bear a good deal of traffic. 1 method of bringing character to an otherwise modest space is by creating a feature wall using wall tiles. Ceramic tiles installed in concrete or wood planks are somewhat more expensive alternative, but can make a striking look, enhancing contemporary interior design.

LG Floors’ Decotile Econo are vinyl tiles available in marble, carpeting, slate and natural wood finishes – these have UV coating and therefore are weather-resistant. The price is high – Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,000 per sq ft. A cheaper, low-maintenance option is faux-finish tiles – ceramic tiles using metallic finishes out of companies including Nitco, Somany and Kajaria, amongst others. Accent flooring and wall tiles really are a wonderful method to highlight interior layout suggestions and compliment tile designs and patterns in muted and gạch ốp tường phòng khách light color colors. Symphonizing your wall tiles with all the flooring tiles, makes your living room looks bigger. Launched in the year 2000, AGL has grown to become one of the best tiles firms in India exclusively dealing with tiles for home. If the area is small, and you also use large size tiles onto the ground, then the room will appear even smaller. Peek into their types and get to choose your magnificent yet classy living room décor.

Stone tiles: They’re similar in diameter, simple to put on the floor, require almost no maintenance and are durable. Using ceramic tiles in sudden regions is another means to create unusual and very intimate, intriguing and modern interior design. To satisfy the varied demands of sponsors, these tiles are fabricated in various sizes colors and patterns. Two green seats and a small, black round table, bench seating underneath modern artwork and bright wall sconces finish this modern living room. Johnson Tiles UK provide the largest selection of wall tiles online, thousands of wall tiles available, different sizes, color and styles. Tiles are accessed by mixing raw materials broadly accessible in character (clay, sand, etc.), and working this mix in its unfired state to the desired shape.

However, they’re not easy to place, since mosaic tiles have to be cast on site. With a variety of patterns to choose from, the setting tiles would be the best option to achieve an enigmatic effect. Available in different sizes and shapes, these tiles are   chemical and fire resistant and simple to keep. Our layout includes Moleonous wall pattern,Carrara Wall Patterns and wall mounted layout tiles along with designer wall layout. Though you might fear the room will look colder, combined with plush textiles, this chamber is anything but cold – rather it is a cosy space that is welcoming all year round. We bring a wide range of designer wall tiles into the fore which is widely required because of its top quality.

A white coffered ceiling and light sea green partitions produce a soft framework for the deeper tones and thicker furniture used to decorate this living room. Mosaic tiles and wall tile murals appear great in areas where there are no other exciting patterns or remarkable pictures to divert from the tile job. But if you’re thinking of giving your living room a brand new look, then let’s take a look at some gorgeous rooms that have used tiles for the flooring. It’s been created with dimensional tile to give this bright, unbiased living room added thickness.

In my own living room, the first Edwardian hearth and fireplace had sadly been removed and while we’d finally like to reinstall a wood burning stove, we chose to make a feature of the hearth by adding black tiles with a subtle damask pattern where the hearth would have been originally.